We have our own production cultivated carefully by professionals from the citriculture sector, following technical methods included in the Integrated Production, because in our company we are convinced that a rational use of the natural resources in the agricultural practices has a positive impact in the environment and in the genetic diversity.

Our commitment is to provide the best varieties of fruit, cultivated using the most appropriate rootstocks that positively influence plant performance and, ultimately, fruit quality.

Moreover, with the objective of ensuring the highest fruit quality standards; third producers from which we purchase fruits must meet GLOBAL G.A.P. or Integrated Production regulations . That is an essential requirement for us, it is our commitment with our customers.


The technical team of Agronostrum makes meticulous quality controls to confirm the organoleptic characteristics of fruit before harvesting, and after fruit processing , and thus ensuring the highest standards for food quality and safety.

Our traceability system allows us to immediately link a certain product stock with all the necessary information: farm and owner, orchard, workplace conditions, phytochemical treatments, packaging date and materials, destination, quality controls performed, etc. This traceability system makes possible to take the required actions immediately in order to face with a food quality and/or safety crisis. Our vast experience in the Citrus Industry and a team of highly-qualified professionals, guarantee a high quality product.

Processing and Conditioning

On each step of the fruit processing chain, every detail is accurately taken into account to obtain the best results. In Agronostrum, the whole production chain is managed personally and tailored to our customers specifications.

Once the fruit has been harvested and transported to our warehouse, we wash it with an environment-friendly detergent to eliminate debris. Afterwards, fruits are selected carefully by expert staff and, finally fruits are covered with a thin film of natural wax to avoid fungal growth and subsequent decay of fruits, providing also a shining looking. Overall, this process contributes to preserve fruit freshness, aroma and flavour until it reaches the consumer.

We work with the best suppliers of packaging products, optimizing all our chain of value and establishing long-term relationships with them. This good relationship with our material suppliers also has benefits for the final consumer by ensuring high-end, reliable and appealing fruit packagings.


Our facilities include a 420 m2 precooling chamber to maintain the cold chain of our product.

The packaged and already palletized fruits stay in this cold room before shipping to the final destination. The objective is to maintain the cold chain uninterrupted, so that the process takes place under the best conditions.


From our facilities in Almazora-Castellón, we export to several countries including France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Austria, Malta, United States and Canada, besides the national market, always adapting to the clients requests and conforming at all times to your needs.